About A-Laszlo Painting

My name is Laszlo Nagy I  was born in a small village in Hungary and I am the owner of A-Laszlo Painting.  After High School I was in the Army, then went to study Chemistry in Poland. After graduating, I worked 4.5 years as a chemical engineer until my wife and I decided to come to USA. Here ( not knowing how to speak English) I started almost right away to paint for a big painting company. I was there for 11 years and was steadily promoted until I was the top manager. In January 2000 I left and started my company, A-Laszlo Painting.  Since then, we have been servicing home owners and businesses.  The craftsmanship, what I brought with me from Europe, is appreciated by all our customers.

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Interior painting:

  • We start  with moving the furniture in to the middle of each room, then covered everything with plastic sheets, the floors are covered with drop clothes.
  • Holes and cracks are filled, gaps in trim are caulked, stains are sealed and washing is done anywhere it is needed.
  • Repaired areas are sanded and primed
  • Paint applied with brush, roller and spray
  • Ceilings and walls are covered to proper coverage, clean cut lines between trim and walls
  • We use only premium quality paints
  • In the end, we put everything back, sweep and touch-up paint is labeled and provided to the home-owner.

Exterior painting:

  • We start with the power wash of the house, to get rid of dust, dirt and mildew
  • Any pealing paint is scraped off and the edges are feathered in with sandpaper or sanders
  • Holes filled with exterior putty, cracks and gaps caulked,
  • Bare wood and needed areas are primed,
  • Paint applied with brush, roller and spray
  • Areas where we are working are covered with drop clothes