Interior Painting

Turn your old, dated, and dark interior areas into a fresh updated look. Our interior package usually includes glossy white trim paints; this makes the trim look fresh, clean and is very durable. Durability ensures it will hold up against sweepers, cleaning materials, kids and pets.

Interior painting:

  • We start with moving furniture in to the middle of each room, then covered everything with plastic sheets; the floors are covered with drop clothes.
  • Holes and cracks are filled, gaps in trim are caulked, stains are sealed and washing is done anywhere needed.
  • Repaired areas are sanded and primed,
  • Paint is applied with brush, roller and spray
  • Ceilings and walls are painted to proper coverage, clean cut lines between trim and walls
  • We use only premium quality paints
  • In the end , put back everything, sweep and provide labeled touch-up paint