Quality Painting

We guarantee a Quality Paint Process for every customer!

We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to every detail from start to finish to ensure your complete satisfaction. With thousands of completed projects, we understand the research, preparation, and workmanship that is necessary to assure a long lasting finish.

Included in every job is the following:

  • Moving all furniture in the middle of the room and covering it with plastic
  • All floors are covered with drop cloths
  • To prep the walls, we ensure that:
    • All holes and cracks are filled
    • Gaps in trim are caulked
    • All stains are sealed
    • Washing of the walls and areas, where necessary
  • A Quality Painting Process includes:
    • Areas that are to be repainted are primed
    • Paint is applied with brush, roller and spray
    • Ceilings and walls are covered to proper coverage – All paint jobs include a minimum of two coats
    • Clean-cut lines between trim and walls
    • Only premium quality paints are used
  • Finish Work includes:
    • All areas swept and vacuumed
    • Furniture returned to proper locations
    • Touch-up paint for all colors used on the job is provided to the customer

At the end of each project, we will walk through the work that was done, make sure that all expectations were met and identify any items that need to be addressed.  Our goal is always to have a satisfied customer as over 75% of our projects come from referrals from past customers!